Our impact

We seek feedback from every mother who receives our support and use recognised clinical measures to evaluate our work. We are proud that mums and their families feel better able to cope following our support.

After counselling with MumsAid:

  • 85% of mothers had significant improvements in their mental health, moving below the clinical threshold for depression.
  • 89% had an improved bond with their baby.
  • 76% of mothers experienced significant improvement in their confidence as a parent.
  • 100% of mothers recommended our service.

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“The feedback from MumsAid clients has been very positive; your input and intervention has made huge differences to their lives, and also their families.” Veronica, Health Visitor and Community Practice Teacher

Making a difference to young mums

Our specialised YoungMumsAid therapy programme supports young mothers and their babies, many with multiple issues and complex histories. Our intervention has been shown to improve the social and emotional development of babies and strengthen the bond between mums and babies. Every young mum who completed the intervention provided moved below the clinical threshold for depression and reported an improvement in their levels of anxiety. All mothers rated our YoungMumsAid service as excellent or very high.

An evaluation of YoungMumsAid showed we also make a difference to teenage mothers and their families by:

  • Advocating for them with their social workers and foster carers when needed.
  • Offering anger management tips to help them better regulate their emotions.
  • Supporting with housing issues.
  • Referring them to places where they could get practical help and outreach support.
  • Helping them make choices about their future education and training.
  • Improving their knowledge and understanding about babies’ development through psycho-education.
  • Supporting them to think about their relationships and what steps they should take where these have been abusive.
  • Developing their interpersonal skills, enabling positive change in their other relationships.