Our Champions

We are very proud of our Community champions, who are all women who have benefited from using MumsAid services and now help as volunteers at events in the community and online, to raise awareness and help more mothers to access the support they need.

Each one has had a unique and transformational journey and gone on to achieve so much – three amazing examples of the importance of being able to access  good quality support when it’s needed and the difference that can make.


Dorota Chioma

“I represent MumsAid as a Champion as I believe in the importance of the work they do and also to give back a little in return for their ongoing support. As a mum who has gone through three postnatal depressions, while only during the last one I received proper support.  I strongly believe that I would not be where I am now without MumsAid who helped me to give birth to a true me.  MumsAid is a Godparent to my artistic journey which started thanks to their encouragement and faith in me”.

Lucy Isaiah

Lucy Isaiah is a mum of three and co-founder of ‘Black-female Entrepreneur Greenwich’ where she provides mentoring and support for start-ups and other female entrepreneurs.  She is also involved with Nigerian Community Greenwich CIC where her passion is to support the welfare and well-being of women in the community.


Karina Shenaz