Our story

We are proud to be supporting over 250 mothers and their families with maternal mental health every year. Since MumsAid was established in 2012, we have grown from a small start up to a well-established and award-winning charity that has achieved national recognition. We reach women who wouldn’t normally access counselling and support couples with the transition to parenthood.

Our work is founded on the belief that early identification of and support for perinatal mental health difficulties is critical. We have seen how the right support makes a difference, not just to mothers but also to the healthy emotional development of their babies and the wellbeing of their families.

Dedicated to removing barriers that prevent women seeking help, we train frontline professionals in perinatal mood disorders and challenge the stigma that surrounds postnatal depression.

“I owe such a huge debt of gratitude to my therapist and the MumsAid team. They are truly special people providing a hugely valuable service to the community.”  Alison

“After more than 14 years working as a psychotherapist specialising in perinatal support it was clear to see that the most effective approach was one that could be tailored to best suit the individual needs of the mother and her baby. That was when I decided to start MumsAid and provide perinatal counselling that was realistic, family-friendly and focused on finding solutions.”

“The way our counselling services have grown over the past few years is testament to that personalised and flexible approach and we are committed to sustaining and developing our support to help even more mums and their families.”  Miriam Donaghy, Chief Executive and Founder of MumsAid

“MumsAid’s entry is a fantastic peer-led submission that demonstrates strong evidence-based interventions with reductions in mental health prevalence and improved wellbeing and resilience.” Judging panel, Public Mental Health & Wellbeing Award

Award-winning support

Our work is featured on Public Health England’s website as an example of best practice in perinatal mental health. Most recently we received two prestigious national awards: