MumsAid is now closed for two weeks, reopening on the 31st August. We can accept referrals by email or online and will follow up in September.  If you need urgent help please reach out to your midwife or GP and you can also contact the APNI helpline on 020 7386 0868.  For helpful information about other options and services do check out our resources page.

New mums

Struggling with a new baby or toddler? Pregnant and worried? At MumsAid we know that the early years of parenthood can be the hardest. That is why we provide free specialist counselling in children’s centres across Greenwich to help new mums with their mental health problems.

Feel like yourself again

Based on a recommended therapeutic approach our 12-week programme provides tailored one-to-one support for maternal mental health. It has been proven to:

  • Increase the well-being of mums with postnatal depression and other mental health issues.
  • Increase confidence in parenting skills.
  • Improve the bond between mum and baby, if that is an issue.

The programme includes a free crèche giving you the time and space you need to talk.

Get in touch

We welcome self-referrals from mums and their families as well as referrals from GPs, midwives and social care professionals. Just complete our referral form below.

A member of the MumsAid team will get in touch with the mother within five working days to explain the next steps and provide more information about the first counselling appointment.

Referral Form

Rachel’s story

“After a birth that didn’t go to plan, a tongue-tied baby who had trouble breastfeeding and having no family support it wasn’t long before I felt overwhelmed. As someone who had always been driven, positive ‘in control’ and motivated, the feelings that I experienced in early motherhood were entirely foreign and unbearable. I was aware I needed help.”

“Fortunately, I found MumsAid in a last-ditch Google search and they made asking for help easy when I really needed easy. There were no hoops to jump through, long waiting lists or judgement. Working with a wonderful therapist on a weekly basis I was able to process and start to manage my feelings.”

“I now absolutely love being a mother and have a wonderful bond with my son.”