Trauma therapy

MumsAid offers specialist trauma therapy for mum’s who have experienced a traumatic birth.

Feeling overwhelmed, out of control, being unwell and complications at the time of giving birth can all be factors that lead to birth trauma and knowing how and where to get help is difficult.

The Restore programme is run by an experienced psychotherapist who will guide you through a 6-week course of 90-minute therapeutic sessions.  Rather than focussing on the trauma itself the sessions concentrate on managing the impact of it on your daily life. Helping you to find a strategy that works for you so that you make positive steps towards understanding yourself.  You’ll meet other group members who you will be able to connect with without having to talk about any distressing events or experiences.

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We welcome self-referrals from mums and their families as well as referrals from GPs, midwives and other health and social care professionals.

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