Young MumsAid is announced as best practice support by Maternal Mental Health Alliance

MumsAid is proud to share that the Maternal Mental Health Alliance have just published their report on The maternal mental health experiences of young mums.  Young MumsAid has been epitomised  as a best practice example of how to provide holistic support to marginalised young women who often face unfair stereotyping as well as intersecting disadvantages linked to their own negative childhood experiences and social deprivation.

The Young MumsAid team encompasses a package of bespoke support to each young mum and baby providing advice and advocacy with all manner of household, financial and relationship type issues. Allowing confidence and trust to grow by encouraging access to peer support groups and reducing isolation and fear caused by previous family breakdown and circumstances beyond their control.

The integrated approach that Young MumsAid provides means that the mum’s begin to engage with the wider community as involved and valued members of society.  Building their confidence to become good parents as well as increasing their ability to re-engage with education and employment which has a long term effect on future wellbeing and living standards for both parent and child.

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