MumsAid Response to the Call for General Election: Advocating for Maternal Mental Health

London, UK, 23rd May 2004 

In response to the recent call for a general election in the UK, MumsAid, a leading charity focused on perinatal mental health, urges all political parties to prioritise maternal mental health in their campaigns and policies. This call to action reflects the urgent need to address the significant challenges faced by mothers across the nation, particularly those in underserved communities. 

As the country prepares for the upcoming election, MumsAid emphasizes the critical importance of integrating comprehensive perinatal mental health support into the national healthcare agenda. The current landscape paints a stark picture: 

  • 1 in 5 mothers experience anxiety, depression, or other mental health problems during pregnancy or the first year postpartum.  
  • Maternal suicide remains the leading cause of direct deaths in women between six weeks and a year after the end of pregnancy (MBRRACE 2019-2021). 
  • Up to 15.7% of UK women will develop some trauma-related symptoms after childbirth, but it’s estimated that 4–6% of mothers develop PTSD following childbirth (PTSD UK). 
  • Perinatal mental health difficulties are 13% higher in mothers from racialised communities compared to white mothers. Black women are least likely to initiate treatment or receive follow-up treatment and the most likely to die during childbirth (Igwe, S., 2022).    
  • Taken together, perinatal depression, anxiety and psychosis carry a total long-term cost to the UK of about £8.1 billion for each one-year cohort of births: just under £10,000 for every single birth in the country, every year. 72% of this cost relates to adverse impacts on the child rather than the mother (Bauer et al 2014). 


Our key calls to the next government: 

Enhance Support Systems: MumsAid calls for increased funding and resources to enhance perinatal mental health services. This includes expanding access to specialised, trauma-informed care for mothers from underserved communities.  

Commit to Policy Implementation: MumsAid urges future policymakers to implement and follow through on strategies that have been proven to reduce the incidence of maternal mental health issues. This includes the integration of mental health screening into routine prenatal and postnatal care and timely access to a range of services including counselling and facilitated peer support groups. 

Improve Community Engagement: Recognising the disparities in mental health support, MumsAid advocates for tailored approaches that reach all demographics, especially focusing on marginalised groups such as young mothers, those from Black and global majority communities, those with babies with SEND and complex medical needs and mothers who have experienced birth trauma.  

Improve Education and Awareness: There is a strong need for public education campaigns to raise awareness about maternal mental health, aiming to reduce stigma and promote early intervention. 


Quotes from Dr Donaghy, Founder and CEO of MumsAid: 


“Dr Donaghy stated, ‘The call for a general election presents a vital opportunity for all political parties to commit to transforming the landscape of maternal mental health care in the UK. At MumsAid, we witness daily the impact on families when mothers are left struggling with their mental health and yet we also know the profound difference good quality, targeted and trauma-informed support can make. It’s time that maternal mental health is seen as a national priority, deserving of the spotlight in this election.'” 

MumsAid stands ready to work with the elected government and other stakeholders to ensure that the voices of mothers are heard and addressed comprehensively in the policymaking process. The charity remains committed to its mission of providing crucial support and advocating for the mental well-being of every mother throughout their perinatal journey.” 


For more information, please contact: 

Rachael Clohesy  

Fundraising Manager 


+447985 254 022 


About MumsAid: 

MumsAid are pioneers in the development and delivery of maternal mental health services, with a focus on supporting the most marginalised women in our community. Since 2012 we have provided over 5,000 pregnant women and new mums with free, specialist and timely support. Our purpose is to improve outcomes in the critical 1,001 days from conception to 2 years postpartum—alleviating perinatal mental health difficulties, critical to the overall health of mothers and babies, achieving benefits for infant wellbeing and families more broadly.    

We have a strong track record of delivery: 

  • Acknowledged by The Maternal Mental Health Alliance in 2023 as the Best Practice Example in England for support of young mums (16-22). 
  • Overall winner of the GSK Impact Award 2021 for our “outstanding contribution to improving the UK’s health and wellbeing”.    
  • Winner of The Royal Society for Public Health Award for Wellbeing 2018 and commended for having “strong evidence-based interventions with reductions in mental health prevalence and improved wellbeing…”  
  • Highlighted as best practice case study for perinatal mental health (PMH) care in 2018 by Public Health England.    
  • Winner of the 2018 Maternal Mental Health Alliance award for Diversity and Inclusivity.  
  • Public Health England features our work as an example of best practice in perinatal mental health: