Eyes without Sparkle: A Journey Through Postnatal Illness by Elaine Hansak

The Mother of All Journeys by Helen Bells

Surviving Post-Natal Depression: At Home No One Hears You Scream by Cara Aiken

Postnatal Depression, facing the paradox of loss, happiness and motherhood by Paula Nicholson

Coping with Post-natal Depression: A Practical Self-help Book for Women Who Suffer (Overcoming common problems) by Fiona Marshall

Depression after Childbirth: How to Recognise, Treat and Prevent Postnatal Depression by Katharina Dalton and Wendy M. Holton

Coping with Postnatal Depression by Fiona Marshall
Birth Crisis by Sheila Kitzinger

Birthing From Within by Pam England; Rob Horowitz
Life after Birth by Kate Figes

Other Helpful Reading

Post Natal Depression – A Self Help Guide

Leaflet from APNI on Postnatal Depression

Poised to Connect – article about importance of early relationships

Guide to Birth Injuries –


Our Publications – (by or about us)

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