The Art of Self Expression

Our new art sessions at the Mulgrave Children’s Centre have been well received by local mums recently.

Run as part of our developing group work programme, the six-week Art of Self Expression workshops were led by local artist Tanaz Assef and encouraged mums to use creative techniques such as drawing, painting, collage or colouring to explore their emotions.

Art therapy can improve self-esteem and awareness, relieve stress and improve symptoms of anxiety and depression. Bringing mothers together helps reduce isolation and the exhibition of their work during UK Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week (29 April – 3 May) has been a great boost to their self-confidence.

As Tanaz described one session:
“We shared our stories, we laughed, we shed some tears…we created! We allowed colour and creativity to run the show…we had coffee and biscuits…we encouraged each other…together we are stronger, life can be hard, being a mum takes a lot of hard work and the love always helps us but sometimes we just need to BE…retreat back to who we are inside…reconnect to emotions and feelings…validate and express them…”

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